Grand Daddy Kush


Type: Indica
Looks:Dank somewhat green buds with lots of orange strings
Smell: Amazing
Taste: Like Oranges
Effects: Major head and body buzz

Grand Daddy Kush is an amazing cross between Grand Daddy Purple (GDP) x Bubba Kush. The aroma is sweet and skunky, and the smoke is smooth. Effects are instant, very relaxing, and a great pain killer.

Indicas generally create a body high that is relaxing and medicinal. Indica has higher CBD than THC equals a much heavier, sleepy type of high, that is good for a variety of medical problems.



Grand Daddy Kush

Grand Daddy Kush boasts an impressive THC content level that has been measured all the way up to 23%. That is an amazing number and makes it one of the strongest, hybrid strains in Medical Marijuana collectives today. Physically it’s a short, compact plant, which produces tight, dense round buds that are bright green and completely embedded with sparkling crystals.

The look is definitely candy for the eyes with the purple and green clashing in the bright growroom lights. It looks even tastier once dried to that perfect point… Then, the taste is undeniably robust with a distinct hash-like after taste which, in tandem with strain potency produces a very smooth cerebral effect with plenty of up-lift. When it comes to that distinct Kush smell, it’s unmistakable pine with a lemony/sweet aroma but it’s the splash of skunk that’s the most dominant feature.

Grand Daddy Kush‘s flavor matches its fragrance, like the perfume of fresh fruit, its rich and delicious. The distinct citrus bouquet, makes this strain one of the most desirable, and hands-up favorite with all our patients.


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